One year in at Specsavers White Oaks Mall – Zully Kasmani, Retail Partner

Zully Kasmani, RO, has been around the optical industry for several decades with long list of contributions to the College and Ontario Opticians Association. As his team at Specsavers White Oaks Mall celebrates their first year of partnership, Retail Partner, Zully, takes a look back on his journey so far.

Q: What has inspired your career within the optical industry?

My journey started after I’d finished high school, way back in 1989, when I started working for my uncle, who was an optometrist in Kenya. I enjoyed working with the public, but it was my interest in the edging process that made me want to pursue opticianry. After I moved to Canada, I became a licensed optician in Ontario and have been working ever since.

Q: How did you know when was the right time to start your own business owner?

Well, the proposition presented by Specsavers to co-own was irresistible. Before, the initial investment was always a barrier that stopped me from starting my own business sooner, but having no upfront investment to build out the store and a steady monthly income was an exciting prospect.

Q: How has business been since opening the doors to Specsavers White Oaks Mall?

So far, we’ve received a lot of appreciation and support from our patients, which has been great as Specsavers is new to the Canadian market. Having that management and    retail support from Specsavers means our teams can just focus on the patient in front of us.

Q: What gives you pride in your role?

For me, as a retail partner, it’s all about being able to put the patients’ interests at the forefront without the pressure of having to reach sales targets.

Q: What are you hearing from patients and customers at your location?

I had a patient, another health care worker, who told me how he liked that we were set up for people to get their eye exam and glasses all in one place. From the pre-tests to the eye exam, to selecting their frames and lenses.


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