Let our vision inspire you

An opportunity to become an independent clinic owner

As the largest optometrist-led organization, we believe everyone should benefit from the very best vision to improve their quality of life. Our optometry partners come to us from all kinds of backgrounds. Some were associates ready to make the leap to clinic ownership for the first time, while others already had businesses of their own. The great thing about our partnerships is flexibility – it doesn’t really matter how you’re starting out with us, we can find a way to make it work.

Start a conversation with our partnership team. With your ambition and talent, and our brilliant business support there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Be at the forefront of eyecare

Starting your own independent clinic along with owning shares of a Specsavers retail store is an incredible opportunity to take control of your own future. With Specsavers, the ultimate dividend comes in the form of getting time back to focus on patient care, enabling a work-life balance, and uninterrupted family time when away from the clinic and store.

Reasons to become an optometry partner

  1. Fastest growing network of optometrists in Canada
  2. Comprehensive business support with low entrance and operational fees
  3. Shares in the optical retail store with location start up costs covered
  4. Autonomy and independence
  5. Peer collaboration with provincial Optometry Steering Groups

The partnership model

With the full support of Specsavers behind you and a business partner you can rely on, you have the autonomy to make your own decisions and grow your clinic and store. It’s an opportunity to benefit from the profits of the clinic and store that you operate, while growing a valuable asset for the future as you look forward to life after work.

The process

Every optical store is locally owned and led by an optometry and retail partner. Partnership is our passion and our aim is to help you and your business realize your full potential. If you’re ready to explore your future, let’s chat.

Step 1
Get in touch

Fill out our partnership enquiry form. A partnership manager will get in touch to explore the idea of business ownership and build on your knowledge and understanding of our business model.

Step 2
Get approved

During our candidate assessment session, we’ll work with you to identify areas of strength and where to focus for development.

Step 3
Meet your partner

Once you’re approved, you’re matched with a complementary partner. Through informal meetings, you’ll start to build a relationship, discuss your ambitions and your business together.

Step 4
Get started as a business owner

Once you’re all set with your documents, it’s time to officially get the keys to your new business, with comprehensive business support along the way.


Yes, we’ve worked with existing clinic owners excited to become a partner with Specsavers and have successfully found ways for them to make the transition to our network. Every person’s situation is unique, so don’t rule yourself out because we might have a partnership that works for you.

Let’s chat to get to know your situation better.

We’d love to hear about it. We list available and upcoming locations so while you may not see your perfect location, it doesn’t mean we don’t have something yet. Wherever you are in Canada, reach out to our team about your dream location.
As an independent optometrist practicing out of an independent clinic, you have the autonomy in your practice. We emphasize that you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. We’re always excited to talk about what you’re passionate about. You’re supported by the Clinical Support Team and provincial Optometry Steering Groups made up of optometrists like you.
Optometrists can set their fees for service but we want to ensure that eye health is accessible to all. We believe that $99 for a comprehensive eye exam including OCT enables more people to have an eye exam and look after their eye health. But ultimately, the independent optometrists decide what to charge.

The infrastructure, the support, the knowledge – is unparalleled. With Specsavers providing my clinics a network to rely on, you can’t help but to succeed with the team they have in place. With the resources they provide anyone who is interested in becoming a partner, I just don’t see any other road but to success.

Dr. Kelly Anderson, Optometry Partner

Partnership with Specsavers checks many boxes. I was able to own shares of an optical retail store with a retail partner and start my own independent clinic at the same time. Financially, the opportunity made a lot of sense. Layering this with their excellent technology, investment in their partners and patients, and marketing, makes Specsavers incomparable.

Dr. Jestyn Liew, Optometry Partner

As a business owner, I feel very confident that I’m receiving the best support from such a great team at Specsavers. There’s never a question I can’t ask, so I feel like I can concentrate on what I need to concentrate on most, which is excellent patient care. The biggest strength of Specsavers is they have an enormous amount of experience. I feel very confident in the Specsavers team and I’m very excited to be part of it.

Dr. Mannie Dhillon, Optometry Partner
I think the greatest strength is the strength in numbers and the tried and tested history in different countries. It’s a model that works. Specsavers is a paramount thing to do if you’re concerned with patient care and if you’re concerned with having people you can ask in a moment’s notice to get advice from a professional team as support.
Dr. Ian Scholfield, Optometry Partner