Grow with us

Partnership at Specsavers

Without our commitment to partnership, we would not be the business we are today: changing lives through better sight. We are committed to providing our optical store partners with clear strategic direction and first-class business support. We work together to become the best so you can make a difference beyond eyes through customer-centric service and care. It doesn’t really matter how you’re starting out with us — whether you’re an existing business owner or getting ready to start out — we can find a way to make it work. we have a partnership that could work for you. Start a conversation with our partnership team.

Be at the forefront of eyecare

Our retail partners’ high level of customer service and passion for exceeding customer expectations are what have made Specsavers number one for eyecare in regions around the world. With a strong understanding of customer care and the ability to drive this within the team, you’ll work closely with an optometry partner to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the business and its long-term growth. We’ll support you in every way we can, just as we have helped 4,800+ partners worldwide to achieve their aspirations of becoming a business owner.

Reasons to become a retail partner

  1. Fastest growing network of eyecare professionals in Canada
  2. Comprehensive business support and training with low entrance fees
  3. Store location start up costs are covered
  4. Award winning marketing
  5. Business owner collaboration with Partnership Advisory Committee

The partnership model

We’re passionate about our people and have a strong track record to show it. We want to provide you the development opportunities to grow and pursue your potential. For some of our colleagues that may mean becoming a business owner. You can also work towards becoming an entrepreneur with the world’s largest, privately-owned optical retailer, one that is ranked a ‘Best Place to Work’.

The process

Every optical store is locally owned and led by an optometry and retail partner. Partnership is our passion and our aim is to help you and your business realize your full potential. If you’re ready to explore your future, let’s chat.

Step 1
Get in touch

Fill out our partnership enquiry form. A partnership manager will get in touch to explore the idea of business ownership and build on your knowledge and understanding of our business model.

Step 2
Get approved

During our candidate assessment session, we’ll work with you to identify areas of strength and where to focus for development.

Step 3
Meet your partner

Once you’re approved, you’re matched you with a complementary partner. Through informal meetings, you’ll start to build a relationship, discuss your ambitions and your business together.

Step 4
Get started as a business owner

Once you’re all set with your documents, it’s time to officially get the keys to your new business, with comprehensive business support along the way.


Yes, we’ve worked with existing business owners excited to become a partner with Specsavers and have successfully found ways for them to make the transition to our network. Every person’s situation is unique, so don’t rule yourself out because we might have a partnership that works for you. Let’s chat to get to know your situation better.
Not at all. It’s great to have industry experience but we also have retail partners with exceptional experience in retail management, which makes them excellent leaders and business owners.
We offer a range of 1,500 frames and lenses in store. Our Specsavers and brand name styles are refreshed based on the unique needs of the local community and changing consumer trends.
As an optometrist-led organization, our focus is on patient care which means providing the care, services, and products patients need for their eye health. Specsavers’ high volume is a result of strong demand from patients and consumers and well-placed locations. Once our location is up and running, they typically achieve and maintain healthy performance with the business support, such as our world-renowned marketing, that we provide our partners.

I am most excited that I found a company that shares the same goal as me: to change lives through better sight. We’re working to achieve this with the best people, the best doctors, the most advanced equipment, and products at an accessible and affordable price. Prescription eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive contrary to what most people believe and Specsavers proves that. I’m ready to help break the stigma in Canada around the price of eyewear and deliver such a unique experience in our stores so that our customers actually have fun.

Seija Gilks, Retail Partner

I love everything about what the brand stands for, the people, and the culture. It aligns with everything I believe in and how I’ve always operated my stores and treated my team. After 18 years, I have come to know many people in the industry in Canada and the USA; I think Specsavers is the best thing to happen in optics in this time. I’m excited about changing this space and making eyewear accessible and affordable to all Canadians. I truly believe we will be a major disruptor.

Todd Racho, Retail Partner

My experience with Specsavers has been amazing. I’ve always had a goal of owning my own business, but there was concern about the pressures that come with being an entrepreneur. I always wanted to start my own business, so I was excited by the opportunity to minimize my start-up costs of ownership. It means I can focus on growing my business. Being the first Specsavers location to open in Toronto has been incredibly rewarding, and we’ve had a great start with 30% more traffic than Dr. Liew and I had anticipated.

Rita Charchyan, Retail Partner

When I first heard about Specsavers and saw that they focused on quality eyewear and eyecare, I immediately realized that together we could make a positive change in community eye health. Specsavers care for everyone, no matter their economic status, and place a strong focus on employee satisfaction. I’ve always been a people person. I like to take care of my team so they, in turn, have the support and freedom to do incredible work for our customers.

Masoud Majidi, Retail Partner