The support and training you receive is unparalleled – Dan Ranger, Retail Partner

Dan Ranger’s fascination with the optical industry started at the age of seven, when he received his first pair of glasses. He was amazed by the effect clear vision had on his life and accepted a co-op placement in a retail optical. He then geared all his courses towards ophthalmic dispensing, applying to Georgian College in Barrie.

Now, 30 years later, he’s the retail partner at Specsavers The Pen Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario, where he’s still loving every aspect of his workday and happily sharing the valuable lessons he’s learned throughout his journey with a team of his own.

Q: What stopped you from starting your own business sooner?

I always wanted to be an owner, but I couldn’t overcome the initial start-up costs associated with opening an optical store. Specsavers has a very unique business model that gives you the best of both worlds, an offer I could not refuse. The support and training you receive every step of the way is unparalleled; it’s virtually unmatched in any industry. I’ve listened to experiences from other owners who’ve opened a dental clinic or a restaurant and what stands out is Specsavers is truly looking for their partners to be successful. The comprehensive training provided by the Learning and Development team for partners and our retail team is a differentiator that leads to unmatched commercial achievements.

Q: What are you hearing from customers at your location?

They’re very thankful to have a Specsavers near them – in the Niagara Region. It could take one to three months to see an optometrist but since we’ve opened, we’ve been able to make eyecare more accessible in the community by seeing people in a much more reasonable timeframe. Our patients are often surprised by the value we offer and frequently purchase a third pair now that eyewear is more affordable and accessible to them. I also hear patients appreciate our hospital-grade equipment, including the OCT, that is included with their eye exam at a price that they feel is fair.

Q: What inspires your leadership style as a business owner building your own team?

Specsavers as an organization already aligned with my leadership style. This was one of the key components that led me to join. Historically, I have left companies that insisted that I lead with micromanaging, or I was told to “get granular”. This style of leadership always felt wrong, and I knew that getting granular would not develop a team. I’m experiencing tremendous success with my leadership style along with positive motivation and I have built a team that consistently delivers results. I love my team and I love Specsavers!


Whether you have an existing business or you’re looking to start out, we have a partnership that could work for you. Our partnership team can tell you how.

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